Chris Villars: Paintings (1993-2015)

Interior The Painting Pages: The paintings are acrylic on hardboard or plyboard, and quite small, mostly 12" by 18" or 30cm by 45cm. The presentation below is roughly chronological.
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[Vapour Trails] [Autumn Sequence] [Rothko Windows] [Newman Voices]
[3 Pictures] [Pictures in an Exhibition] [Suicides] [Rain] [Fields]
[Altarpiece 1] [Altarpiece 2] [Altarpiece 3] [Impression: Poppies] [Pieces of Mondrian]
[Autumn Light 1] [Autumn Light 2] [4 Artists] [Jazz] [My Mondrian]
[Tulips] [Poppies] [Flames 1] [Flames 2] [Church] [Berlin Triptych]
[White Clouds] [Short Story] [Close Up] [Stop!] [Evening Angel]
[Greys] [Yellows] [White] [For Marianne North] [Pinks]
[Fall] [Dead Leaves] [Dante's Dream] [Red] [Dance Pieces]
[Scarborough Bay] [Wide Angle] [Across the Bay] [Autumn Leaves] [Red and Black]

Self Interview - September 2001.
Paul Flapper's Self Interview - A friend's response to the above.
Almost Nothing - An interview by Alan Nicholson (November 2002).
Self Interview 2 - May 2004.

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