Physics Essays

Quantum Nonlocality (1981)

Evolution and Atoms (1982)

Consciousness and Quantum Theory: A Reply to Lawden and Walker (1982)

Microphysical Objects as Centres of Perception (1983)

Nature Alive: Microphysical Objects as Proto-Organisms (1983)

Reply to Lawden (1983)

Logical Explanation of Wave Vector Collapse (1983)

Nonlocality and ESP (1983)

Observables, States and Measurements in Quantum Physics (1984)

The Paradox of Schrödinger's Cat (1986)

Microphysical Objects as 'Potentiality Waves' (1987)

Neither Neither Neither Neither Neither
Stage design by Chris Villars for an imagined production of Morton Feldman's opera, Neither (2012)