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45 minutes (and even more) for Morton Feldman  
45' (and even more) for Morton Feldman (2001) Statement by the Artist
The painting "45 minutes (and even more) for Morton Feldman" (2001, 120 x 100cm) is inspired by the music of this American composer of the New York School. Typical for the work of Feldman is the incorporation of silence, slowness. His musical point of view is translated into compositions with slowly floating sounds without finale. He forces the listener to an ultimate experience or perception of sounds by a minimal pallet of notes and an extremely low volume. In fact, Morton Feldman composes the course of things. In his work I perceive a continuum, an almost physical process. In my own exploration I exploit accident, chance and physical circumstances. Consequently the run of the paint attracts attention. Parallels are drawn between my paintings and this kind of music; a certain state of mind is a condition to perceive this intensity. On the one hand "45 minutes (and even more) for Morton Feldman" is a posthumous homage and, on the other hand, it's a pleading for a slower and more intense observation, which has become against the grain, nowadays.
Hommage aan Morton Feldman (1999)
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