Morton Feldman Discography: What's New?

Date of update Recordings added CD label
16 Feb 2017 Instruments 1 performed by Ensemble Intercontemporain, Matthias Pintscher cond. Alpha Classics (Alpha 274 [2CDs])
3 Feb 2017 Patterns in a Chromatic Field performed by Marianne Schroeder and Rohan de Saram Hat Hut (hat[now]art 2-204 (reissued from hat ART CD 61451/2))
3 Feb 2017 For John Cage performed by Josje ter Haar and John Snijders (Ives Ensemble) Hat Hut (hat[now]art 160 (reissued from hat[now]ART 124))
21 Dec 2016 For Christian Wolff performed by Carla Rees and John Tilbury Atopos (ATP 025-1-2-3)
3 Oct 2016 Three Voices performed by Juliet Fraser Hat Hut (hat[now]ART 198)
23 Jul 2016 Piece for 4 Pianos performed by P. Aidu, M. Dubov, A. Lubimov, A. Zuev Moscow Conservatory (SMC CD 0132 (2013))
29 Jun 2016 Durations 2, Piece for Violin and Piano, Projection 4, Extensions 1, Vertical Thoughts 2, Four Instruments (1975), Spring of Chosroes, The Viola in My Life 3, Trio performed by John Tilbury and members of the Smith Quartet Matchless Recordings (MRDVD-03)
22 Mar 2016 Orchestra, Elemental Procedures, Routine Investigations performed by Claudia Barainsky, WDR SO & Rundfunkchor Cologne, Peter Rundel cond. Wergo (Wer 73252)
22 Mar 2016 Structures performed by Arditti Quartet Bonitz Musik Network (BMN 20159 [2 discs: CD + Blu-ray])
22 Mar 2016 Intermission 5, Piano Piece 1952, Extensions 3, Palais de Mari performed by Steven Osborne Hyperion (CDA68108)