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Morton Feldman Forthcoming Performances

The list below is not complete. If you know of other performances not listed here, please email details to: Where no other source is given, the source is the performance database maintained by Universal Edition. Entries on this list are archived to the list of Past Performances. See also the latest Past Performances Summary.

14 September 2018 * New York City (USA)

Curated by Marilyn Nonken

At 8pm:
Triadic Memories

Marilyn Nonken, piano
New York City (USA), Provincetown Playhouse, Greenwich Village (133 Macdougal Street)
Source: Personal communication

15 September 2018 * New York City (USA)

Curated by Marilyn Nonken

At 3pm:
Some of Feldman's Smaller Pieces:
Four Songs to e e cummings
The Viola in My Life 3
Palais de Mari
early works for cello and piano

Charlotte Mundy, voice * Wendy Richman, viola * Meghan Burke, cello * Stephen Marotto, cello * Tristan McKay, piano * Anthony de Mare, piano * Joseph Kubera, piano * Marilyn Nonken, piano

At 5pm:
Three Short Films Focusing on Feldman's Music:
who'd have thought
(Zahra Partovi, 2018) World Premiere
Feldman Sings (Zahra Partovi & Chris Villars, 2017)
Softly - A GIANT STEP (Zahra Partovi, 2017)
Discussion with filmmaker Zahra Partovi

At 8pm:
Patterns in a Chromatic Field

Stephen Marotto, cello * Marilyn Nonken, piano
New York City (USA), all events at Provincetown Playhouse, Greenwich Village (133 Macdougal Street)
Source: Personal communication

15 September 2018 * Berlin (Germany)

Rothko Chapel
Schola des Rundfunkchors Berlin * Karen Rettinghaus, soprano * Roksolana Chraniuk, alto * Irmela Roelcke, Celesta * Michael Weilacher, percussion * Benjamin Goodson cond.
Berlin (Germany), St Matthew Church
Source: Concert website

21 September 2018 * Amersfoort (Netherlands)

String Quartet 2
Ragazze Quartet
Amersfoort (Netherlands), Flint Amersfoort
Source: Concert website

23 September 2018 * Karlsruhe (Germany)

The Viola in My Life 3
Projection 3
Two Pieces for Two Pianos
Two Pianos
Work for Two Pianists (1958)
Vertical Thoughts 1
Sonatina for Cello and Piano (1946)
Two Pieces [For Danny Stern] (1948)
Pieces for Cello and Piano (1951)
Durations 2
Trio for Two Pianos and Cello [to the memory of Anton Webern] (1950)
Three Dances (1950)

Florian Steininger, piano * other players tba
Karlsruhe (Germany), Musentempel
Source: Personal communication

23 September 2018 * Bonn (Germany)

Coptic Light
ORF Radio-Symphonie­orchester Wien * Michael Boder cond.
Bonn (Germany), World Conference Center Bonn
Source: Concert website

2 October 2018 * New York City (USA)

Chester Biscardi, piano / Zahra Partovi, film

Feldman Sings
(2017) Zahra Partovi & Chris Villars
Extensions 3
(1952) Morton Feldman
Companion Piece (for Morton Feldman)
(1989/1991) Chester Biscardi
(2017) Zahra Partovi
Q & A with Zahra Partovi

New York City (USA), Sarah Lawrence College, Reisinger Concert Hall, 1:30 - 3:00pm
Source: Personal communication

19/20 October 2018 * Biel (Switzerland)

Triadic Memories
Judith Wegmann, piano
Biel (Switzerland), Kunsthaus PASQUART
Source: Concert website

20 October 2018 * London (UK)

Bass Clarinet and Percussion
London Sinfonietta
London (UK), Kings Place
Source: Concert website

1/2 November 2018 * New York City (USA)

Triadic Memories
[with light, sculpture and dance]
Pedja Muzijevic, piano
New York City (USA), Baryshnikov Arts Center
Source: Concert website

6 November 2018 * Berlin (Germany)

Structures for String Quartet
JACK Quartet
Berlin (Germany), Berliner Philharmonie
Source: Concert website

1 December 2018 * New York City (USA)

Three Voices
Quince Ensemble
New York City (USA), Areté Gallery
Source: Concert website

3 December 2018 * Liverpool (UK)

For Bunita Marcus
John Tilbury, piano
Liverpool (UK), The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University
Source: Concert website

11 December 2018 * Basel (Switzerland)

Durations 3
The Viola in MY Life 3
Spring of Chosroes
[plus works by Lars Werdenberg]
Performers tba
Basel (Switzerland), Gare du Nord
Source: Personal communication

15 January 2019 * Berlin (Germany)

Durations 5
Four Instruments (1975)
Crippled Symmetry

Adrian Heger, piano * Ursula Weiler, flute * Boris Bardenhagen, viola * Sennu Laine, cello * other players tba
Berlin (Germany), Staatsoper
Source: Concert website

18 January 2019 * Helsinki (Finland)

Anu Komsi, soprano * Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra * Dima Slobodeniouk cond.
Helsinki (Finland), Musiikkitalo
Source: Concert website

29 January 2019 * Zurich (Switzerland)

Instruments 2
Collegium Novum Zurich * Jonathan Stockhammer cond.
Zurich (Switzerland), Tonhalle Maag
Source: Concert website

7 February 2019 * Tapiola (Finland)

For Samuel Beckett
Tapiola Sinfonietta * Baldur Brönnimann cond.
Tapiola (Finland), Espoo Cultural Centre
Source: Concert website

23 February 2019 * Brugge (Belgium)

For Philip Guston
Het Collectief: Toon Fret, flutes * Thomas Dieltjens, piano * Tom De Cock, percussion
Brugge (Belgium), Concertgebouw
Source: Concert website

24 February 2019 * Brugge (Belgium)

plus other piano pieces tba

Daan Vandewalle, piano * Keiko Shichijo, piano
Brugge (Belgium), Concertgebouw
Source: Concert website

6 March 2019 * Leipzig (Germany)

Two Pieces for Two Pianos
Two Instruments
Spring of Chosroes
The Viola in My Life 3
Two Pianos

Ensemble Avantgarde * Steffen Schleiermacher, piano/cond.
Leipzig (Germany), Gewandhaus
Source: Concert website

11 April 2019 * New York City (USA)

The Turfan Fragments
American Composers Orchestra * George Manahan cond.
New York City (USA), Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall
Source: Concert website

23/24/27 April 2019 * Berlin (Germany)

Samuel Beckett, Words and Music
Members of the Orchesterakademie bei der Staatskapelle Berlin
Berlin (Germany), Staatsoper
Source: Concert website

10 May 2019 * Somerville, MA (USA)

Why Patterns?
Sonic Liberation Players
Somerville, MA (USA), Third Life Studio
Source: Concert website

11 May 2019 * Leverkusen (Germany)

Triadic Memories
Pedja Muzijevic, piano
Leverkusen (Germany), Erholungshaus Leverkusen
Source: Concert website

19 May 2019 * New York City (USA)

The Orchestra Now (TON)
New York City (USA), Metropolitan Museum of Art
Source: Concert website

2 June 2019 * Dortmund (Germany)

Madame Press Died Last Week at Ninety
Mahler Chamber Orchestra * Teodor Currentzis cond.
Dortmund (Germany), Konzerthaus
Source: Concert website

12 June 2019 * Berlin (Germany)

Structures for String Quartet
Arditti Quartet
Berlin (Germany), Barenboim-Said Akademie, Pierre Boulez Saal
Source: Concert website