A Film by
Zahra Partovi

“If his music is soft, it is so that we can hear it, not only with our ears, but with our mind and soul”

Softly - A GIANT STEP is a short, abstract/experimental film focusing on the music of American modernist composer Morton Feldman 1926-1987. Without any attempt at documentation, this memory-like film, makes a sweeping journey through the composer's sounds, and places where these sounds were created. Two works by Feldman are heard throughout the film: Selections from "For John Cage" and fragments from "Neither". Some words by Morton Feldman are also heard woven into the music.

Tiffany DuMouchelle, soprano.    Myra Hinrichs, violin.    Shi An, piano

a still from the film a still from the film a still from the film

Duration: 30 Minutes.   Color: Black & White.

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Full film released 23 November 2017

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