Morton Feldman: Unrecorded Published Works

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Published works by Feldman for which there is currently no recording available on CD or DVD

Date Work Title Instruments
1953 Eleven Instruments Chamber Ensemble
1963 Chorus and Instruments Chorus, Chamber Ensemble
1963 Rabbi Akiba Soprano, Chamber Ensemble
1967 First Principles Chamber Ensemble
1971 Chorus and Orchestra I Soprano, Chorus, Orchestra
1972 Voices and Instruments Chamber Ensemble, Chorus
1972 Chorus and Orchestra II Chorus, Orchestra
1972 Voices and Instruments II 3 Voices, Flute, 2 Cellos, Double-Bass
1984 Arr. of Weill/Brecht "Alabama Song" 2 Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Marimba, Piano, Bass, Voice