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Luiz Henrique Yudo: Labyrinth Labyrinth (1999)
A slideshow to Morton Feldman's Principal Sound
This piece uses 61 pictures of the corridors and stairs of the ferryboat from Ijmuiden to Newcastle. The pictures were taken during the night. The corridors are empty, blurry, low-key, labyrinthine, claustrophobic. The slides and the music are played endlessly in loop. The piece does not try to illustrate the music. There is no story. It is like walking endlessly in the corridors. There is no development, no going anywhere, no drama, just walking.
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Luiz Henrique Yudo: Infinity Infinity (1996)
A slideshow to Morton Feldman's Bass Clarinet and Percussion
Infinity is a sequence of 150 pictures taken in three days of travel in the islands of Harris and Lewis. The idea of the piece is very simple: to always frame the objects in the geometric centre of the frame, so that in each dissolve between the slides the objects would always remain in the centre. The intention was to create visually a similar sensation to that one has listening to Feldman's music. The slideshow is intended to be projected during a live or recorded performance of Feldman's piece. A video recording of a presentation of the piece is available.
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