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who'd have thought

a still from the film

Who'd have thought
                              that snow falls
it always circled whirling
like a thought
                     in the glass ball
around me and my bear

Then it seemed beautiful ...

Who'd have thought that when poet Frank O'Hara met Morton Feldman in the 1950s, he would write an enigmatic poem entitled "Wind" and dedicate it to the composer? Who'd have thought that the composer would set words from the poem to create a piece entitled "Three Voices"? And who'd have thought that filmmaker Zahra Partovi would make a film inspired by the poem and the music, entitled "who'd have thought"?

"Who'd have thought" is built on paradoxes. Fatal winds whirl and beauty is replaced by evil, while we enter a world of pure beauty, of three female voices singing to the moving images of snow falling.

Third in a series of films on Morton Feldman's music, "who'd have thought" embraces the enigmas of life and death, beauty and evil.

Poem: Frank O'Hara

Music: Morton Feldman

Film: Zahra Partovi

a still from the film a still from the film a still from the film

Quince Ensemble

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, soprano

Liz Pearse, soprano

Kayleigh Butcher, mezzo soprano

Narration: Vincent FitzGerald

Director of Photography: William Keller    Camera Operator: Nicholas Saviolo

Editor: Joseph Castellano    Studio Engineer: Reed Black    Sound Design: Eric Harding

Colorist: Jane Tolmachyov    DuArt Media Services

Duration: 11 Minutes.    Color: Tinted.    Released: 10 August 2018

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