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Charles Dodge: Viola Elegy (1987)
for viola and computer processing

The following note is an excerpt from "Some Personal Reflections on the Music of Charles Dodge" written by Ingram Marshall to accompany a CD anthology of pieces by Charles Dodge on the New Albion label (NA043 CD).

Viola Elegy is, perhaps, Charles Dodge's most lyrical and beautiful composition to date. It was composed using an algorithm based on principles of Benoit Mandelbrot's fractal geometry. The tape part was composed and realized first. Then the viola part was made by selectively doubling lines on the tape part until it takes over completely and ends the work with a solo cadenza. To anyone familiar with Morton Feldman's viola pieces (The Viola in My Life, Rothko Chapel), the kinship and homage will be apparent. It was written as an elegy for Feldman, but there is a universal quality in that it bespeaks of a wider lament, for whom or what I can't say.

Ingram Marshall 1992