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Ernesto Klar
enTroPia - per Morton Feldman (1998)
Instrumentation A (original): Alto flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet in Bb, horn in F, tenor trombone, bass trombone, violin, cello, double bass, drum kit.
Instrumentation B: Alto flute, 2 alto saxophones, tenor saxophone, 2 trumpets in Bb, 2 horns in F, tenor trombone, bass trombone, tuba, electric guitar, double bass, piano, vibraphone, drum kit, percussion

Ernesto Klar writes:

I composed the original version of enTroPia in 1998 for the "Klaresque Ensemble", my own performing group which is based in Boston and active both in greater Boston and in New York City. This piece won the first prize in the "Julius Hemphill/Jazz Composers Alliance" Composition Award in the large ensemble category in 1999. Instrumentation B is a re-orchestration I did for the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra, which performed the piece in 2000 in Boston.

We recorded the piece for our first CD release: Approachable Perspectives - the Music of Ernesto Klar.