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Larry Kucharz: 10 Piano Pieces 1973
for piano

The following notes are an excerpt from Larry Kucharz: Digichoral Blue Portraits Interview, an interview on the AmbiEntrance website, reproduced here by kind permission of Larry Kucharz and David J. Opdyke.

As far as composer influences go there are two. Back in the early 70's I was influenced by the music of Morton Feldman with a touch of Varèse thrown in. I studied with Feldman briefly one summer in 73 in Buffalo NY where he had a teaching position at the University. His living room looked like a museum with works of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Phil Guston - the whole NY Art scene in a living room.

There was a film department there and I saw lots of experimental films. I started writing repetitive music because of the influence of the experimental films (not music) that I saw in Buffalo. I finished my schooling (Northwestern D.M.A.) and headed for NY around 1975. In fact my first set of minimalist "unFeldman" like works were dedicated to him: "10 piano pieces 1973". I was into repeated chords as formal elements.