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Morton Feldman Links

  1. Feldman Archives at the University at Buffalo Music Libraries: Comprehensive online indexes to the Feldman holdings at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.
  2. Edition-Peters: Publisher of Feldman's works until 1969.
  3. Universal Edition: Publisher of Feldman's works from 1969 onwards.
  4. Photos of Feldman: Photos of Feldman and others in the Photo Gallery on Peter Gena's website.
  5. Articles on Feldman by Volker Straebel: Texts (in German and English) by Volker Straebel, including his liner notes for the CD, "Morton Feldman: First Recordings - 1950s" (Mode Records CD 66).
  6. Program Note for "Triadic Memories": Notes written by Louis Goldstein to accompany his performances of Feldman's piano piece, "Triadic Memories".
  7. Slowly Watching Memory - An analysis of Morton Feldman's "Rothko Chapel": An essay by Dániel Péter Biró.
  8. Shadings in the Chromatic Field: Intonations after Morton Feldman: An essay by Marc Sabat.
  9. MUSIC; Where Minimal and Maximal Meet: An article by Kyle Gann from the New York Times, February 17 2002, on String Quartet II and Feldman generally.
  10. In Dispraise of Efficiency - Feldman: The text of a lecture given by Kyle Gann at Seattle Art Museum as part of their "Morton Feldman Marathon" on January 27, 2008.
  11. Remembering Eberhard Blum (1940 - 2013): Recollections by his close friends and colleagues.
  12. Eulogy for Eberhard Blum, 5th April 2013: by Volker Straebel (in German). Also available in English.
  13. Eberhard Blum website.
  14. For an interesting set of notes on Feldman's For John Cage (and other writings) by Paul Zukofsky, visit The Feldman liner notes can be found at
  15. Analysing Feldman's Bass Clarinet and Percussion: A YouTube presentation by Samuel Andreyev.
  16. Triadic Memories: A video recording of a live performance at the National Opera Center in New York on 3 June 2017 by pianist, Luke Berryman.
  17. Interview Morton Feldman: A transcription by pianist Thomas Moore of his 1983 interview with Feldman.
  18. Visual Resonance - mapping the Music of Morton Feldman: A collection of visualizations by Ashley Treni inspired by Feldman's music.
  19. MUSIC & IMAGE: Chester Biscardi, piano / Zahra Partovi, film: A video record of the event held at Sarah Lawrence College, New York, 2 October 2018.