Morton Feldman

by Jonathan Mayhew

This is a poem called "Morton Feldman." I hope you like it. My
original plan was to write a series of poems using titles from
Feldman's music, like "Rothko Chapel," "For Frank
O'Hara," "The Viola in My Life," or "Crippled Symmetry." I
would use these titles and write to his music. But how could I
write to his music? Dancing to music I understand, although I do
not do it well. There is a relation between the musical pulse and
the movement of feet and body. Most people understand this
relationship. Writing to music is something different from that. I
could write about the music, I suppose, but what would be the
point of that? Assuming I have something to say about this
music, I would probably not use a poem to say it. This poem least
of all. So in place of the series of poems written to titles of
Feldman's music, I have written this explanation of how I could
not write these poems.