Morton Feldman Discography: What's New?

Date of update Recordings added CD label
9 May 2021 Instrumental version (fl, pf, glock) of John Cage "Cheap Imitation" performed by Margaret Lancaster, Aki Takahashi, David Shively Mode Records (Mode 327)
6 Nov 2020 Intermission 6 performed by Antonio Ballista Brilliant Classics (CD 95615 [2CD])
19 Aug 2020 Triadic Memories performed by Judith Wegmann Hat Hut (ezz-thetics 1025 [2CD])
18 Aug 2020 Projection 1, Intersection 4 performed by Steuart Pincombe 7 Mountain Records (7MNTN-019)
4 Aug 2020 Palais de Mari performed by Igor Levit Sony Classical (19439786572 [2CD])
11 May 2020 Two Intermissions, Intermission 3, Intermission 4 performed by Svetozar Ivanov Gega New (GD419)