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Paul Paccione: Stations - To Morton Feldman (1987)
for piano

"Decay ... this departing landscape, this expresses where the sound exists in our hearing - leaving us rather than coming toward us." (Morton Feldman, "The Anxiety of Art," Art in America, September-October 1973).

"Stations - To Morton Feldman" is dedicated to the memory of composer Morton Feldman, who died on September 3, 1987. The title refers to points of arrival and departure, both as a tribute and as a suggestion of the musical mood and structure. The work is both an homage and an appreciation of what Morton Feldman felt was significant in his own work: a concern with things that are very quiet, things that do not have much overt sense of motion, which serve to create a sense of stasis, where discrete gradations of color and harmony act in subtle variation. In "Stations" repetition, rather than serving a more traditional structural function, serves simply as a reminiscence or reflection.

One of the most perceptible characteristics of the piano is that it is non-sustaining. That is, the sound is always in the process of leaving the listener. This theatrical element, the metaphor and the musical actuality, seemed a fitting way to memorialize Morton Feldman.

"Stations - to Morton Feldman" was commissioned by pianist Michael Campbell and was premiered on 7 January 1988, at Weill Recital Hall in New York City. Subsequently the work has received numerous performances both here and abroad by pianist/composer Nurit Tilles.

"Stations - To Morton Feldman" is published by Frog Peak Music, Box 1052 Lebanon, New Hampshire, 03766.

Paul Paccione

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