Singer, pianist, and composer, Debora Petrina goes from a solid preparation as a classical and contemporary pianist to the use of electronics and keyboards, to composition for different kinds of ensemble, to a unique use of voice and dance. She has composed a choreography for Morton Feldman's Three Dances, which she performs in the double role of pianist and dancer. Her latest album for voice and piano, Roses of the Day (2015), was produced by Paolo Fresu, one of Europe's most respected jazz musicians, for his new label dedicated to voices, Tŭk Voice. The piece which gives the title to the album,"Roses of the Day", is signed by Petrina and John Cage, and the score is available from C.F.Peters.

Morton Feldman's early song "Only" for solo voice (1947) sets a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. The recording below is the first to use the text with the minor correction issued by Universal Edition in 2011. The recording is made available here by kind permission of Debora Petrina.

Listen to: Only (1947) [2:00]