a still from the film

Feldman Sings

A Film by
Zahra Partovi & Chris Villars

On 13 January 1977, Howard Skempton interviewed Morton Feldman in London. A transcript of the interview can be found here. The main subject of the interview was Feldman's opera, "Neither", which he was completing at the time. At various times during the interview, Feldman sang fragments from the score of the opera to illustrate points he was making. Whilst transcribing the interview, Chris Villars conceived the idea of using the sung fragments as the soundtrack for a short film which would memorialise and, through the addition of a visual element, complement these unique moments. To this end, he collaborated with Zahra Partovi to create "Feldman Sings".

Sound recording used by kind permission of
Howard Skempton

Paul Reuter

Ashley Vanderbeck

Special thanks to

Lars Werdenberg

Duration: 4 Minutes.    Color: Black & White.    Released: 13 February 2017

Watch the film: vimeo.com/300319576

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