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Morton Feldman Texts: Structured Short Index

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  1. Introductory articles:
    1. Morton Feldman: by Paul Griffiths.
    2. Music on Canvas: by Damon Krukowski.
    3. Panic or Paradise - American Abstract Expressionism and the music of Morton Feldman: by Wilfrid Mellers.
    4. American Sublime: Morton Feldman's mysterious musical landscapes: by Alex Ross.
    5. Morton Feldman: by Universal Edition. (Also in German.)
    6. Morton Feldman: Triadic Memories - An Introduction: by Stephen Whittington.
    7. Morton Feldman: For Aaron Copland (1981): by Alexandra Matloff.
  2. Biographical articles / personal reminiscences:
    1. Encounters with Feldman: by Chester Biscardi.
    2. Coming Face to Face with Feldman: by Richard Bjorkman.
    3. Über Morton Feldman Sprechen: by Eberhard Blum.
    4. Three Articles on Morton Feldman by Eberhard Blum: English translations by Ken Edelson.
    5. Notes on Morton Feldman's The King of Denmark: by Eberhard Blum. (Also an English translation of the text.)
    6. Morton Feldman and Soloists: by Eberhard Blum.
    7. Memories of Morty: by Mark Steven Brooks.
    8. Feldman at the Piano: by Gavin Bryars and Michael Tilson Thomas.
    9. Four Extracts from Silence: by John Cage.
    10. A Feldman Chronology: by Sebastian Claren.
    11. In the Shadows with Feldman and Beckett: by John Dwyer.
    12. Feldman at Guston's Funeral: by Ross Feld.
    13. Recollections of Morton Feldman: by Ivar Frounberg.
    14. Interview with John Tilbury: by James Gardner.
    15. On Morton Feldman (1967): by Philip Guston.
    16. Introduction to "Spaces": by Tom Johnson.
    17. Four Artists in a 'Mansion': from Harper's Bazaar (July 1952).
    18. Photo Portrait by Kay Harris, 1959.
    19. Feldman meets Beckett: by James Knowlson.
    20. A Memory of Morton Feldman: by Hadassah Markson.
    21. Guston and Feldman: by Musa Mayer. (Also in German.)
    22. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country (1964): by Charlie Morrow.
    23. Morton Feldman, The King of Denmark (Realization date, 1964): by Max Neuhaus.
    24. For Philip Guston: On the broken friendship between Morton Feldman and Philip Guston: by Ton van Os.
    25. Love at First C-Sharp: by Zahra Partovi.
    26. A Journey through the world of Morton Feldman - An Interview with Chris Villars: by Zahra Partovi.
    27. Encounters with Morton Feldman: by Elliott Sharp.
    28. Morton Feldman's "Glass Sequence": by Daniel Stern.
    29. Eulogy for Eberhard Blum: by Volker Straebel.
    30. Looking for the space between the notes: by Nils Vigeland.
    31. Interview with Bill Berkson: by Chris Villars.
    32. Interview with Wilfrid Mellers: by Chris Villars.
    33. Henry Crown: Daniel Stern's "Portrait" of Morton Feldman: by Chris Villars.
    34. Morton Feldman in My Life: by Chris Villars.
    35. Morton Feldman Family Tree and Early Family History: by Chris Villars.
    36. Softly - A GIANT STEP: An Interview with Zahra Partovi: by Chris Villars.
    37. Morton Feldman's Madame Press: by Chris Villars.
    38. A Journey Through Time: Feldman's New York apartment circa 1966, plus short film: A Journey Through Time.
    39. Christian Wolff on Feldman.
  3. Concert programme notes / concert reviews:
    1. New York - Feldman's Music: by Dore Ashton.
    2. The Eternal Footman's Snicker: Thoughts on Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories: by Luke Berryman.
    3. Note on Feldman's "Trio for Flutes": by Eberhard Blum.
    4. Feldman2: by Tom Chiu.
    5. And the quartet played on -- and on, and on ... : by Rich Copley.
    6. Performing Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2: An Interview with Tom Chiu and Max Mandel of the Flux Quartet: by Ryan Dohoney.
    7. String Quartet No. 2: by Ryan Dohoney.
    8. Morton Feldman Projekt: by Karlheinz Essl.
    9. Morton Feldman - An Event: by James Fulkerson.
    10. Painter Envy: by Kyle Gann.
    11. Almost Too Beautiful: by Kyle Gann.
    12. The Premiere of "Triadic Memories": by Adrian Jack.
    13. Three Feldman Articles from The Village Voice: by Tom Johnson.
    14. Introductions to / Program Notes on Works by Morton Feldman: by Raoul Mörchen.
    15. On Morton Feldman's "Flute and Orchestra": by Veniero Rizzardi. (Also in English.)
    16. Feldman Draws Blood: by Greg Sandow.
    17. Surviving Feldman's Second String Quartet: by Francesco Sani.
    18. A Note on "The King of Denmark": by Steven Schick.
    19. Feldman Program Note: by Rodney Sharman.
    20. On Patterns in a Chromatic Field: by Erik Ulman.
    21. Feldman at Edinburgh International Festival 2004: by Graham Urquhart.
    22. Three Feldman Concert Reviews: by Chris Villars.
  4. CD liner notes / CD reviews:
    1. Feldman - String Quartet (II): by George Albon.
    2. A Reflection on the Genesis and History of "Three Voices": by Joan La Barbara. (Also in a slightly different French version.)
    3. Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus: by Sebastian Claren
    4. Patterns in a Chromatic Field: by Arne Deforce.
    5. The Ecstasy of the Moment: by Frank Denyer and James Fulkerson. (Also in French and in German.)
    6. Triadic Memories: by Jean-Luc Fafchamps.
    7. Morton Feldman Three Voices: by Juliet Fraser.
    8. Morton Feldman - Voices and Instruments: by James Fulkerson.
    9. Composing by Numbers: by James Fulkerson.
    10. Structures for String Quartet (1951): by Lejaren Hiller.
    11. Ist nicht Morton Beckett...Samuel Feldman...? : by Hans-Peter Jahn. (Also in English and in French.)
    12. On Performing Feldman's "For Philip Guston": by Petr Kotik and Walter Zimmermann.
    13. On Morton Feldman's For Bunita Marcus: by Marco Lenzi. (Also in Italian.)
    14. Four Feldman Choral Works: by John McCaughey.
    15. "On the True Art of Playing the Music of Morton Feldman": by Siegfried Mauser.
    16. 'Late Works with Clarinet' - Interview with Carol Robinson: by Alan Nicholson.
    17. To be in the silence - Morton Feldman and painting: by Mats Persson.
    18. Early and Unknown Piano Works: by Veniero Rizzardi.
    19. Morton Feldman (and Crippled Symmetry): by John Rockwell.
    20. Morton Feldman's Early Piano Pieces: by Howard Skempton.
    21. La Musique Monochrome de Morton Feldman: by Christian Tarting.
    22. On Playing Feldman: by John Tilbury. (Also in German.)
    23. Notes on Playing Feldman (2016): by John Tilbury.
    24. Notes on Three Feldman Recordings: by John Tilbury.
    25. CRI American Masters - Morton Feldman: by Nils Vigeland.
    26. Morton Feldman on CD: by John Warnaby.
    27. Feldman CD Liner Notes: by Peter Niklas Wilson. (Also in French and in German.)
    28. Leinwände und Zeit-Leinwände - Anmerkungen zu Morton Feldmans Filmmusiken: by Peter Niklas Wilson. (Also in English and in French.)
  5. Book reviews:
    1. Review of The Graph Music of Morton Feldman by David Cline (CUP, 2016): by Spencer Allman.
    2. Morton Feldman - NEITHER: by Eberhard Blum.
    3. Neue Bücher über Morton Feldman: by Raoul Mörchen.
    4. Index to Give My Regards to Eighth Street: by Alan Nicholson.
  6. Analytical and interpretative essays:
    1. Intermission 4 - Feldman's Cinderella piece?: by Spencer Allman.
    2. Music and Painting: by Dore Ashton.
    3. "Between Categories": Hearing Palais de Mari: by Adam Baratz.
    4. Une Interprétation de la Musique de Morton Feldman: by Vincent Barras.
    5. Morton Feldman e l'Espressionismo astratto (Morton Feldman and Abstract Expressionism): by Gianmario Borio. (Also in English.)
    6. Regarding Morton Feldman's music and wherever it all now goes: by Clark Coolidge.
    7. Toward an Art of Imminence: Morton Feldman's Durations III, No. 3: by Thomas DeLio.
    8. Last Pieces #3 (1959): by Thomas DeLio.
    9. Impressions Between the Lines: Some Digressive Reflections on Morton Feldman’s Nature Pieces: by Daniel Ender.
    10. A propósito de Morton Feldman (On Morton Feldman): by Mariano Etkin. (Also in English.)
    11. Sobre el contar y la notación en Ives y Feldman (On counting and notation in Ives and Feldman): by Mariano Etkin. (Also in English.)
    12. Morton Feldman et la clairière: by Laurent Feneyrou.
    13. More Light: On Morton Feldman: by Laurent Feneyrou.
    14. Morton Feldman and The Shape of Time: by Louis Goldstein.
    15. Vague relations?: bar groupings and notational image in the late music of Morton Feldman: An essay by Tom Hall.
    16. The Auditive Memory and its function in the late works of Morton Feldman: by Bryn Harrison.
    17. The Sounds of the Sounds Themselves - Analyzing the Early Music of Morton Feldman: by Catherine Costello Hirata.
    18. On Repetition, Habit and Involuntary Memory: An Analysis and Speculation upon Morton Feldman's Final Composition: by Brian Kane.
    19. Remembrance of Things Present: by Clark Lunberry.
    20. Departing Landscapes - Morton Feldman's String Quartet II and Triadic Memories: by Clark Lunberry.
    21. Hearing the Wood for the Trees: Morton Feldman's Three Voices (1982): by Daniel March.
    22. Morton Feldman - Music for the film "Jackson Pollock": by Olivia Mattis.
    23. Precision and Anarchy in Feldman's Work: by Chico Mello.
    24. Presence - Mahler and New Music: by Grant Nebel.
    25. Analysis of Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2: by Magnus Olsen Majmon (in Danish). (Also in English.)
    26. Did Modernism Fail Morton Feldman? : by Molly and Paul Paccione.
    27. Morton Feldman - Piano and Orchestra: by Hernán D. Ramallo (in Spanish).
    28. Feldman's "Durations I" - a discussion: by Frank Sani.
    29. Why patterns? An analysis of Morton Feldman's "Piano and string quartet": by Frank Sani.
    30. Morton Feldman's "Palais de Mari" - a pitch analysis: by Frank Sani.
    31. Feldman's B Flat: by Howard Skempton.
    32. A musical work emerges and disappears - Morton Feldman's The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar: by Peter Söderberg.
    33. Note on the Text of "Only": by Chris Villars.
    34. The Story of Morton Feldman's The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar: by Chris Villars.
    35. Note on the Early Performance History of Morton Feldman's Second String Quartet: by Chris Villars.
    36. Imagined Stage Production of Morton Feldman's Opera, "Neither": by Chris Villars.
    37. Feldman's Five Pianos and Sibelius's Fourth Symphony - a Speculation: by Chris Villars.
    38. Mutually Speaking: Feldman on Wolff and Wolff on Feldman: by Nicola Walker Smith.
    39. Feldman the Rug-maker, Weaving For John Cage: by Meg Wilhoite.
    40. Summary of "Music Growing Through Time: Late Works of Morton Feldman": by Petr Zvěřina.
  7. Interviews with Feldman:
    1. Morton Feldman: Speaking of Music, 1986: Feldman in conversation with Charles Amirkhanian.
    2. Touch: An Interview with Morton Feldman, 20 May, 1985: by Michael Auping.
    3. Feldman Interview from "International Times": by Alan Beckett.
    4. The Brink of Silence: by Richard Bernas and Adrian Jack.
    5. A l'écart des grandes villes: by Jean-Yves Bosseur. (Also in English.)
    6. Morton Feldman - L'Attente: by Martine Cadieu. (Also in English.)
    7. From the Film "Elliott Carter at Buffalo" (1980).
    8. Conversation with Austin Clarkson about Stefan Wolpe, 13 November 1980.
    9. Creating the sound of Rothko: by Carl Cunningham.
    10. Feldman Explains Himself: by Peter Dickinson.
    11. Interview with Françoise Esselier (1970): English translation by Ivan Ilić.
    12. The Note Man and the Word Man: by Everett C. Frost.
    13. Feldman Interview from Soundpieces: by Cole Gagne and Tracy Caras.
    14. H. C. E. (Here Comes Everybody) - Morton Feldman in conversation with Peter Gena.
    15. Morton Feldman in conversation with Christopher Gough and Roger Woodward.
    16. Morton Feldman talks to Paul Griffiths.
    17. Remembrance: by Tom Johnson.
    18. An Interview with Morton Feldman: by Jolyon Laycock and David Charlton.
    19. Captain Cook's First Voyage: by Richard Wood Massi.
    20. Morton Feldman, Earle Brown and Heinz-Klaus Metzger in Discussion.
    21. Pie-Slicing and Small Moves - Morton Feldman in conversation with Stuart Morgan.
    22. Morton Feldman in conversation with Michael Oliver.
    23. Morton Feldman Interview: by Fred Orton and Gavin Bryars.
    24. From To A Violent Grave: by Jeffrey Potter.
    25. Morton Feldman: Interview with Han Reiziger, 1985.
    26. Interview with Charles Shere (1967).
    27. Interview with Howard Skempton (1977)
    28. Beckett as Librettist: by Howard Skempton.
    29. Dusting Underneath the Table: Morton Feldman and Toru Takemitsu in Conversation, November 1977
    30. Conversation with Morton Feldman: by Kevin Volans.
    31. Morton Feldman - Conversation without Cage: by Michael Whiticker.
    32. An Interview with Morton Feldman: by Jan Williams.
    33. Conversation between Morton Feldman and Walter Zimmermann.
  8. Lectures and articles by Feldman himself:
    1. Extensions, Intermissions and Intersections.
    2. A Note on "Five Pianos"
    3. Toronto Lecture: transcribed by Linda Catlin Smith.
    4. Dedication to Cornelius Cardew
    5. To Have Known Stefan Wolpe: transcribed by Austin Clarkson.
    6. Morton Feldman - Current Trends in America: transcribed by Rüdiger Meyer.
    7. Feldman on Feldman: transcribed by Rüdiger Meyer.
    8. The Johannesburg Masterclasses, July 1983: transcribed by Dirk de Klerk.
    9. Symétrie tronquée
    10. Darmstadt (1986)
    11. Remarks on Varèse
    12. Twelve Tone Technique in Varèse's Déserts: transcribed by Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars.
    13. Remarks after a performance of String Quartet No. 1: transcribed by Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars.
    14. DAAD Statement
    15. Statement (1952)
    16. Darmstadt Lecture 1984
    17. Lecture on Violin and Orchestra: transcript by Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars of Feldman's 1986 June in Buffalo Lecture.
    18. Excerpts from the 1986 Darmstadt Lecture: transcribed by Ivan Ilić.
    19. Lecture on For Christian Wolff: a complete transcript by Paul van Emmerik, Sebastian Claren and Chris Villars of Feldman's 1986 Darmstadt Lecture.
    20. Programme Note for The Viola in My Life IV