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Violetta Vollrath: Morton Feldman 1 / 6 / 2 / 7

I have been painting for several years, and I am very much inspired by the music of Morton Feldman. I heard in a radio essay, that he was a "composer of the void" and I feel that is so, at least for his latest works. I have some Feldman CDs, "Coptic Light", and piano trio, plus some works on tape from the radio. Some of his orchestra pieces sound for me like a very large animal (about 20m long, like a cat or a rabbit), breathing while sleeping and dreaming of another world, where very little happens and no action, no exciting and dangerous things (I had not yet the chance to paint this, it is too difficult at the moment). My Feldman pictures have no titles but "Morton Feldman". I think, man could be happier and less violent, if he (especially HE rather than SHE) was not so afraid of a world without thrill and diversion and could overcome his biology of hunting, victory and gene spreading. For me this music shows a way to less, tending to nothing. My pictures look abstract, but there is also an imagination of a wide landscape with nearly abandoned houses or small refuges, fences with destroyed pales and destroyed gates, or branches and twigs or grass. Any part of the picture stands for itself, is singular. It is an area without loud joy, without direction, without pain. I did not formulate this in advance, but the imagination came with the music and partly while painting - Violetta Vollrath.

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