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Joseph Zitt: feldMorph
for any number of voices

The score of this piece is reproduced below by kind permission of the composer.

feldMorph (Score)


Determine the starting and ending sounds for the performance (which may be the same sound).

Determine the duration of the performance, which should be about an hour.


Everybody sings a common sound, phrase, or note.

Pause, then change one aspect of the sound, and sing the changed sound.

Possible changes include, but are not limited to, pitch, phrase length, duration, articulation, phonemes, and the order of events.

Changes can be made to a single event in a phrase, a contiguous set of events, or the complete phrase, but not to non-contiguous sets of events.


You may either sing a sound that you or another singer has already sung, or change the last sound that you have sung in a different way than the last change that you made.

All sounds should be quiet and intimate.

Take time between your sounds to hear the other sounds being sung and to decide clearly on your next sound.


As the end of the piece approaches, change the sounds that you sing to gradually become the ending sound.

When the time for the piece has elapsed, sing the ending sound once, together.

© Joseph Zitt

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